How to make a living having a positive impact on lives around you

Everyone around us is dealing with some kind of dis-ease which it could be a physical or an emotional issue. But what if you could give someone the opportunity and a powerful tool to better face their troubles? What if you could show these people that there is something that may help them?

This is what we do when we share dōTerra essential oils. We share a powerful set of natural compounds that go straight into the cells, enhancing all their functions and fighting pathogens. By using this pure oils we are also helping the amigdala to release trapped emotions through the sense of smell.

To keep it simple, imagine how a good smell could make you feel rather than a bad smell! Alright, that is affecting your mood. On top of that, majority of dōTerra essential oils have antibacterial, antiviral, cleansing, invigorating properties, and so on.

Sharing dōTerra essential oils means giving people an opportunity for a change in their life, the chance to take a different path and explore the marvellous powers of Mother Nature. And if this wasn’t enough, by sharing the oils we are also giving another major opportunity, which is the possibility of making an income just by sharing oils with others. This can be some extra pocket money or it can mean fully replace that job you don’t really like or it can mean achieve the financial freedom you always dreamt of. Keep reading to know more!

How to get your oils for FREE

Honestly, how sustainable is this! Getting products for free is our first goal as it means that we don’t have to spend our hard earned money and at the same time we don’t have to give up these amazing gifts from the Earth. But how do we do this?

Very simple, but first of all we need to explain that every oil or product in the dōTerra catalogue has a price in dollars and a value in points. For example, a bottle of Lemongrass essential oils is worth 13 AUD and it’s value in points is 12. Every product has a different value. Those points are a measurement unit that dōTerra (and us in the dōTerra family) uses to work out the Personal Volume of purchase of each person.

This is important because the ONLY rule that we have to respect in order to get all the benefits is that we need to place a 100 points order in the calendar month (and keep it set up at all times). These orders are where the money is generated to make the people who introduced you to dōTerra (and so on going up) earn money.

So, simply, what we want to do is to share the oils in order to get some commissions that will cover the cost of our 100 points order. This is a quite easy and achievable task for most people, as normally it means to share the oils with only 3 or 4 people on average. You will earn commissions even when someone that you enrolled goes on enrolling someone else. They will get a commission, and you too.

If this sounds interesting, keep reading, we will go in depth into generating way more than we spend.

How to EARN with dōTerra

As we explained above, by sharing the oils, dōTerra pays you different types of commissions based on the product volume (points) that is purchased by the people you sign up, by the people that your enrolee sign up and so on. To earn with dōTerra is very achievable for most people, what you need to do is sharing the magic with people around you and slowly show them how to do the same that you are doing (if they are open to the business). Honestly, dōTerra oils sell themselves, people love them because they are a more than amazing product.

Below you can see the earning graphic of the journey with dōTerra. You don’t have to reach a rank to get paid, the only request is that you have a 100 points order placed in that month.

doterra earnings

This is doable for all of us who really wants it. You will receive all the guidance and all the support to be at the top of this graph, but you need to put your will and your motivation. This is NOT easy money for doing nothing. This is hard work, but it’s the best hard work you can get for the best result you can get.

To understand in detail how the dōTerra compensation plan works click here.

This system is the most effective and sustainable business model there is. If you think about it, a successful company spends more money on advertisement then on their products. With this system, normal people are getting the benefits. There’s no need for advertisement, just word of mouth, generating income for everyone who wants to partecipate. If you are curious to know why network marketing is thousands times better then normal business, and why you are missing out click here.

If you like what you are reading and want to connect with us, don’t hesitate to do it now, it will change your life.